ギターを弾こう!PCギター教室 Let’s start the guitar! PC guitar classroom

一息つこう! Let's take a breath!

PCでギターが習える、無料ギター教室です!It is a free guitar classroom where you can learn guitar on PC!


*「ギターをPCで習おう!」の進め方* How to learn the guitar on PC!


I want to learn guitar, but I do not have time to go. You can learn guitar whenever you like at home. You can practice at your pace. Continuing the guitar for 40 years, I combined the experience of teaching guitar with a side job for over 15 years and the technology of PC, so that guitar can be played by everyone. The site will be built slowly.


@ In ordinary guitar classes, lessons will be held from one week to two weeks. So, I decided to continue the lesson in the same way as the first and second weeks. As a normal pace, practice one task repeatedly for a week along this flow.





コードの勉強@C Studying the code@C




* It is a code for accompaniment that comes out first often. Let your left fingers stand one by one and do not touch other strings.At first I think that your fingers hurt, but as the joint becomes soft it will be easier to hold down


楽譜です。It is score.



youtubeの模範演奏です。It is a model performance of youtube.







A The content of practice is focused on classical guitar playing. There is a reason for this. In other words ...


* If you learn classical playing style in any genre such as electric, fork, flamenco, bossa nova, or enka, your foundation will be solid and you will be able to smoothly transfer the genre You can do. ... There is a rock guitarist who also plays the classic. Also, most flamenco uses classical rendition style other than special rendition style.


B I will continue to advance the site more and more, but next to the classic I will also be introducing flamenco performance, folk, playing song etc. We have planned various other projects. looking forward to!


ギター教室レッスン(クラシックギター)Guitar lesson lesson (classical guitar)



  • youtubeにアップした自作ギター独奏曲動画集 Self-composition guitar solo music video collection uploaded on youtube
  • ギターの秘密あれこれ Secrets of the guitar
  • a)ギターってどういうもの? What is guitar like?
  • b)ギターの歴史(元はどこから?) History of the guitar (where originally from?)
  • c)ギターの種類はどんなのがあるの? What kind of guitar are there?
  • d)一般的なギターの構造 General guitar structure
  • ギターのチューニング拡大画像 Guitar tuning magnified image
  • f)ギターの弾き方色々 How to play the guitar Various
  • シャンソン歌手「ひぐちゆみこリサイタル」コーナーChanson singer "Higuchi Yumiko Recital" corner



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